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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science Crossword Sheet

Mr. Walker: ..
A person can have multiple______ and recessive traits.
A diploid is a part of a cell that carries two complete ___of instructions.
A set of instructions that are_____ down from the Parent.
You may get these from your _______ .
A hybrid is heterozygous for allele two_____ alleles.
Meiosis is a type of cell division that results in _____ Daughters cells.
A genetic situation which one allele does not completely dominate the other allele.
A haploid has only One set of _____.
A female is XX and a male is __.
every single person has two parents which gives them traits , qualities ,characteristics. What are these ?
Bb allele and bB allele. What are these?
Set of ______characteristics of an individual.
Recessive are expressed by the _____from the parent.
A person who has a particular gene that especially is important as a ____ copy.
Any Chromosome other than a sex-linked chromosome
Genotype are the genetic makeup of an _____.
A gamete is a mature sexual _____cell which unites with another cell to form Offspring.
What is this?
A hybrid is two different species. donkey+ horse= ___.
A pedigree can be expressed in a_____ tree.
BB allele and bb allele. What are these?
A hybrid that is heterozygous with respect to a specific_____.
Chromosomes carry the genetic_____ from genes.
Mitosis is a type of cell division that results in ____ Daughter's cells
Your alleles are Bb and Bb. What are your outcomes Bb,bb,bB, and __ -alleles