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John's Puzzler #11

Type of road
Minimal amount
Type of plastic
Biblical garden
Missouri capital (2 words)
Vietnamese River Delta
Earth's largest living organism (3 words)
Prominent Record Label
Cracker Company
California island
Small dog
Spanish Surrealist painter (2 words)
Gulf Coast city with most annual rainfall in U.S.
Vegas Hotel & Casino
Knight's steed
Mighty metal
Shade of red
Original Rolling Stones bassist (2 words)
What maps are for
Song, "Bless The ______ and The Children"
Heavenly Body
Tear, as to clothing
Midwestern U.S. city, "The Toilet Paper Capital of The World" (2 words)
Orange colored fruit
This Celtics great played in the most career NBA games (2 words)
Legendary Brit killed in 1935 motorcycle crash (3 words)
Iconic film star of "Inherit the Wind" (2 words)
Pro Baseball's all-time hits king (2 words)
Moisture build up
Criminal analysis of firearms
Notorious 1930's gangster
"The Godfather" author (2 words)
Last _______ of hope
Only Shakespeare play set in Scotland
Chalk-like mineral