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Luke 14:25-35

What does Jesus say we should count (or calculate) in order to be His disciple?
There were great ______ with Jesus when He taught what it meant to follow Him.
If what loses it's taste it is of no good and should be thrown away? (When we follow Jesus we have taste!)
Jesus says that we should be willing to give up ________ that we have to follow Him!
For God so loved the world that He ____ His only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)
Jesus says that whoever comes to Him and does not ____ their own family cannot be His disciple.
Jesus is saying that following Him is the ____ important thing, even more than our own life!
A follower of Jesus is known as this?
What does Jesus say that people must bear to be His disciple?
Jesus wants us to follow Him with our whole _____!