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includes language, nationality & religion
group associated with particular territory back into prehistory
having many cultures within same space or state
discrimination based on membership in racial group marked visually
different groups adopt shared & traits & institutions & fuse into one
Political entity ruling over territory & group
preconceived beliefs emotions preferences of 1 one group via 2nd
1 group in power makes others comply with rules customs actions
Political entity with power over area & people in it
Sm grp in big more powerful grp
pride in membership in a nation
denial of equal treatment on stigmatized trait
Shorthand generalizations for group
promotion of own national group over outsiders
people associate with certain land back into deep prehistory
1 group dominates indigenous land & grabs resources & power
peoplehood of cultural traits values speech with common origins
disvalued trait seen to mark or defile those who have it
Forced involuntary labor, treated as possession
bias discrimination against other cultures ethnicities
includes skin color and/or body shape
Non-acceptance of group
feeling of & identification with a certain nation
Religious intolerance
categories of ascription & identity with shared values, language
common origins taught behavior customs passed on
Biracial, belonging to 2 races
separate unit with its own internally shared culture