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AS- Making His Mark

A place where people go if they have broken the law
First name of the tigers player featured
Another word for Jail.
The set of rules that all people have to follow
The name given to a group of people who originated in an area.
Putting down another group or individual because of their race
When you play your first game, our the first time you do anything it can be called your _____
Th game played by the AFL
The technical word for when you steal something
Something that everybody does, and something that you can learn from( according to Dusty)
An old spelling of the word 'Jail'
Someone who you look up to and can give you advice. Can take responsibility for a group of people
A place where people are held against their will. Like a prison, or a prison for young people
The abbreviation of the state of Western Australia
One of the worst performing teams in the AFL
An illegal drug that is most often smoked, but can also provide pain relief for some people
The punishment you are given when you break the law
The capital city of Western Australia
An abbreviation of the word 'Football'
A name given to someone who is in their first year of a contract or sport