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Luke 15:1-10

In another parable, a woman who loses this would light a lamp and search diligently until she found it?
Who is the shepherd a picture of in our story?
Because Jesus came to seek and save the lost, we too need to share Jesus with our friends so that they can also know how much Jesus _____ them.
The Pharisees and Scribes were grumbling because Jesus would eat with _______.
When the shepherd finds the sheep he doesn't get angry at the sheep but lays it on his _________.
What is there in heaven over one sinner who repents?
There is joy before the ______ of God over one sinner who repents!
Jesus came to this earth to search and find that which was ____.
There is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who ________.
The shepherd invited his friends and neighbours to come and celebrate with him because he _____ his sheep that was lost!