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Irregular verbs past and present

We _____the grass every two weeks.
Sam had to ______his son's hand all the way.
The teacher _______the student for laughing in class.
The geese _____south for the winter.
We _____the birds sing every morning.
________the ball when I throw it to you.
Jesus ______the water pitcher last week.
Please ____your food quietly.
The students _____ pictures for parent night.
The children ___bubbles in our yard at the party.
Suzie _____the blue sweater
John___school tomorrow
I _______ to New York last year.
_____ straight to school now.
We had our house ______last year.
Jimmy and Billy _______ after school yesterday.
The river ______ over last night.
Our daughter _____ to meet us at the station.
M.J.'s sunflowers _______3 feet last month.
Ian _____Emily home last night.