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8th Grade Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Figures that have the same shape but not the same size.
A ratio of two equivalent measures in different units.
3-D model that is similar to a 3-D object.
Expresses an amount of change as a percent of an original amount.
Equations that have the same solution(s).
Including the units into the calculations to help determine the units for the answers.
Compares two numbers by division
Rate with a denominator of 1.
When relative error is expressed as a percent.
Undoes another operation
Drawing that is similar to an actual object or place.
The products of ac and bd.
An equation that involved two or more variables
Getting a variable all by itself
The ratio of the absolute value of the difference of a measured value and an actual value compared to the actual value.
An equation that states that two ratios are equal.
An equation that is true for every possible value of the variable.
An equation that states a relationship among quantities.
Ratio that compares quantities measured in different units.