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Latter-Day Saints

Where contacts for local ward leaders can be found.
LDS have more members ____ of the United States.
Two lay priesthood leaders who have the responsibility to visit each month.
Special undergarments
This is the closing of the curtain on our final act.
Home teachers and the Relief Society are considered ______ in knowing the needs of the church.
Health Code
Taking care of one's health through proper nutrition, hygiene, exercise and medical practices is a _______.
The LDS leader of each ward.
An expression of faith.
The most important block of service is the _______.
LDS believe that the Church has become _____ overtime and is lost from the Earth.
This is of upmost importance in this life and the next.
Proceeds miracles.
Names of those who need special blessings of healing and strength are added to the congregations _______.
_____ are conducted by LDS leaders and the family.
The ultimate reuniting of the spirit and body.
Sufferings and Trials during ones life is _____ for the eternal life.
Fist president and Prophet
LDS believe that every human being is a ____.
Worship services are held in ____.
Pain, problems, and suffering can be traced to two main sources. One being:
A monthly meeting for the women of the congregation.
LDS congregations.
Mortal life _______ be extended.
Elders may be called to _____.
Prohibits the use of ___.
There is no need for a _____ until children are accountable for their actions.
LDS are encouraged to hold a _____ meeting with their family.
Several wards.