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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

In 1864 Union General ____ makes his famous March to the Sea
Major battle fought in 1863 in Pennsylvania
President Andrew _____ officially ends the Civil War May 9, 1865
Start of the Civil War
The Confederates named Richmond ____ their capital
Northern states
First state to secede from the Union
____ Grant was appointed General in chief by Lincoln in 1864
Lincoln was ____ by John Wilkes Booth in 1865
The ____ Act was passed in 1863 stating men between 20-45 were to be drafted
The ___ Battle of Bull Run took place August 28, 1862
In 1862 the Confederate ironclad USS ____ battled the Union ironclad USS Merrimack in the Chesapeake Bay
Major battle that took place in Manassas VA
Southern states
The United States Congress ____ slavery by passing the 13th Ammendment
General Lee _____ in 1865 at Appomattox court house
____ Jackson dies from wounds, when he was shot by his own troops at the Battle of Chancellorsville
______ Proclamation was Lincoln's speech on freeing slaves
Abraham ____ wins Presidential election of 1860
Robert ____ is named general in chief of the Confederacy in 1865
The Union captures Confederate President Jefferson ____