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John's Puzzler #12

Colossal American dam, originally called Boulder
Memory-associated brain area
First U.S. President never elected to office
"Sn", the chemical symbol for the element with the shortest name
Hitchcock's "Psycho", the first film to show on screen a ______ ________ (2 words)
Woman of The Old West, wonder with a weapon (2 words)
This British military commander who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, The ____ __ __________ (3 words)
Outer space vacuum (2 words)
Alexander Hamilton-founded newspaper, The ___ ____ ____. (3 words)
The "Birdman of Alcatraz"
Golden State mountain, tallest in the Continental U.S.
Oldest American city (2 words)
Four-sided geometric object
144 items equals a _____
America's first Secretary of State
Introduced us to "Winnie-the-Pooh"
First female music artist to win "Song of the Year" Grammy (2 words)
The fastest animal on two legs
Broadway musical with the most ever Tony Award noms
Month in which 9 of 10 Americans celebrate their birthdays
"Spaceman from Pluto", rejected as the title of this 1985 sci-fi classic (4 words)
Lays claim to being the world's first fast-food restaurant (2 words)
What the famous southern California sign read originally
New Zealand capital city
Frozen rain
Most popular pay-to-visit monument in the world, The ______ _____ (2 words)
"Pomp and Circumstance" Composer
Explosive liquid, for short
Directed the first film ever to earn $100 million at the Box Office
Beatles nickname, "The ___ ____" (2 words)
A Triangle's orchestra section
Poland's President