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My Constellation 3E P S I L O N A R A E I E 4A G R H 5G A 6M M 7A A R A E 8A L T A R U L Y E A P 9H 10M E T E O R S H O W E R S I K A A R G G E A C H O R U T D A L S E 11B E T A A R A E S

Puzzle Type: Fun
Author: Amelia Hebert
The quadrant of the southern hemisphere my constellation lies in
magnitude of 4.06 and is about 300 light years distant. It is an orange K-type giant.
a blue-white B-type supergiant, approximately 1140 light years distant. It has a visual companion magnitude of 3.5
Nickname of my constellation
passing through a meteor swarm
an orange K-type bright giant (possibly supergiant), approximately 603 light years distant. With an apparent magnitude of 2.84, it is the brightest star in the Ara constellation.
another orange K-type giant, about 574 light years distant. It has an apparent magnitude of 3.12.
A number catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy
The name of my constellation
Zeus is one of them
G-type star approximately 50 light yearsmagnitude of 5.12.
the second brightest star in Ara,B-type star, magnitude varies between 2.76 and 2.90.Approximately 240 light years from Earth
The family of constellations