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Do you know your dog breeds?

Terrier that was used to hunt foxes, rats, and badgers in the Scotland's Highlands.
This Miniature terrier was created by mixing a bulldog with the now extinct English terrier.
A mix between a Pekinese and a poodle.
This terriers name is comprised of its home county in Ireland and the blueish color of its coat. An Brocaire Gorm.
Loyal dog breed of Prince of Eric from the Little Mermaid.
Hunting dog breed native to Germany known for having a sleek gray coat.
Cattle dog from "The land down under."
Red coated gundog that are the pride of Hungarian sportsman. This breed also nearly went extinct at the end of WWI
Spaniel that was used for sentinel work on the walls of monasteries. Also known for having a lions mane.
A coonhound who's known for "treeing".
The shaggy coated herding dog from Poland whose native name is , Polski Owczarek Nizinny or PON.
The World famous "Sleuth Hound"
Terrier breed which was named after the largest most northerly of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides islands.
"Land of the Free" spaniel that is also known as the smallest member of the sporting-dog family.
National dog of France an is known in France as the Caniche, or “duck dog.”
Registered breed in the AKC in 2020, big game hunting dog developed in Argentina.
One of the oldest dog breeds dating back as far back as China's Han Dynasty.
As of June 18, 2005 this dog breed was declared Texas's state dog.
Very large dog breed famous for being a "Nanny dog" one was once owned by Senator and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy that helped them look after their 11 children.
Hairless dog native to Peru and sometimes referred to as "Moonflower Dog"
Herding dog that was named after Lapland is a region north of the Arctic Circle that takes in parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northwestern Russia.
Today it's known as the Standard Schnauzer.. Its smallest and most popular of the three Schnauzers breeds.
One of the oldest dog breeds Chaucer once described them as "Large as steel"
A mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a poodle
Favorite of Marie Antoinette and was previously called the "Dwarf spaniel".
Hungary's majestic guardian breed and hunting companion of kings
Another one of the Tibetan breeds this one is known as the "Holy dog of Tibet."
Terrier who is also called the Amertoy terrier.