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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Apple in Education

When teachers are comfortable incorporating __________ into their lesson plans and focused on creative skill development, students benefit.
Inspired teachers are a key component to ___________ creators.
University students and teachers might be eligible for _________ _________.
People learn best when they ______ something
We find courage. To try and to fail, to learn and to grow, to figure out what’s next, to imagine the ____________, to do it all over again tomorrow.
Education helps students ________ and ignite their creativity.
We want to help students realize their _________.
When they create, students have the potential to change the ______.
The capacity for logical thinking and reasoning
We help fuel __________ through creativity, exploration, and personal connection, which enhances the classroom experience.
We’ve supported _________ for more than 40 years.
________ become Doers
We offer students ___ ______ to make creating easier
Education is a _____ _____
The capacity to create something new or original, not solely within the arts
iPad provides _________ experiences for all ages, while MacBook is ideal for any field of study.
Apple’s role in education is to help students discover their inner creator.
Our stores and contact centers provide Apple’s ______ for education and our comprehensive resources to both schools and the community to support creativity and critical thinking.
The most powerful learning happens when people create something. Every student is a _______.