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Artists & Styles of Art
A method of art making where multiple inked impressions are made from a single original carving.
Someone who lives in a different country from the one they are a citizen of.
A group of artists and activists who wear masks and whose identities are unknown.
Black sculptor who attended Oberlin College and worked in the neo-classical style.
Wove wire into intricate hanging shapes.
Contemporary abstract painter known for painting large geometric shapes.
Expert painter of animals and landscapes.
A painter who paints in a fast, loose style that seeks to capture an impression of the scene.
A painting of objects, such as food, flowers, dishes, often arranged on a table.
A style of painting or sculpture that does like try to look like a specific object or person, but instead uses shape, color, form and texture to express an idea.
Painted stories from the bible from the point of view of the women in the paintings.
Painter who was famous for her flower paintings.
A style of painting that includes plants and landforms.
Printmaker who captured angry protesters in the streets and the sadness of grief.
A painting of a person or group of people.