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2000s pop culture

An American rapper, songwriter, and record producer who was the best selling artist of the 2000s
Gave an unforgettable performance at MTV VMAs with a snake and changing her wardrobe on stage
Interactive toy hamsters
Shut down for copy-writing music
Devastating terrorist attack on NY City
Once upon a time in a far away swamp lived
Apple device to carry with you music and more
Reality TV show that studies group living
Multimedia application and image messaging
TV show about a man who has problems with this fractious family and "family" of a different sort
American video sharing website
music downloading site shut down for illegal releasing releasing songs early
American boyband with JC Chasez
Internet show started by a girl and the help of her two friends
"I Gotta Feeling"
First Africa American actress to win an Oscar- "Monster's Ball"
A large group of people performing an unusual act, and then just leave
An orphaned boy who leaves on his eleventh birthday to discover the truth about his parents
An application that allows users to share photos and videos publicly and privately
Video game console that works off motion detection
Fashionable clothing that could be just thrown on and was often brightly colored with rhinestone logos and phrases