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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Chiefs, Cardinals and WWII

First player drafted by the Dallas Texans
How many different TV series have William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appeared in together?
Bismarck's sister ship
Last name of the Chiefs second head coach
Holds the all time receiving yards record for KC
Species that discovered Warp Drive
Star Trek "Mother" ship
Mr. Chekhov's first name
He is "the man" in St. Louis
Stadium site of Super Bowl IV
What Axis leader was imprisoned on July 24, 1943?
Turned down the role of Spock
Lieutenant Uhura's first name
Player that holds the Chiefs career interception record that some call coach
What was the first Nazi concentration camp?
Picard was "somewhat artificial"
Which Star Trek series has a female Chief Engineer
Nickname of the lesser known brother that pitched for St. Louis in the 30s. Listening to his brother talk would make you "Dizzy"
He was El Hombre
In "The City on the Edge of Forever", who is Dr. McCoy treating when he accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine?
After World War II, Germany was divided into how many zones of occupation?
Name of Father/Son that played the same position for the Chiefs
What country sent reinforcements in the form of "Division Azul" to aid Germany in its WWII attack on the Soviet Union?
Nickname of character that dies in the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise
First Vulcan science officer
Something is a bit "fishy" in Picards quarters
Former St. Louis baseball team also known as the Browns
Len Dawson's Alma Mater
What was the name of Spock's betrothed in the episode "Amok Time"?
Sulu's primary position
Last name of the first real astronaut to appear in any Star Trek episode
James T. Kirk first served on the USS __________
WWII's Big Stick
What Chief holds the franchise records for safeties?
What Deep Space Nine character is a Trill symbiont?
Dustin holds the record for games played but what non-kicker comes in second?