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What the heck is TDM?

Have fun learning about transportation lingo in this week on our Sunday Parkways quiz! 

Street feature that directs cars off or prevents them from entering a Greenway?
Summer event where everyone comes out for a group bike ride?
Portland's bike share system?
Markings used to indicate a shared lane for bikes and cars?
Program that helps kids get to school safely?
What is the BOT in PBOT? Hint: it is not the name of a robot's dog.
This is 1 of only 2 in the U.S. used for commuting?
R-O-W? A public area that allows for the passage of people or goods?
What is the D and M in TDM? Hint: the T is Transportation.
Portlands new dedicated bus lanes are called?
Presenting sponsor of Sunday Parkways?
Network of streets with reduced speeds and traffic intended for biking and walking are called...?
When a bike lane has a physical barrier separating it from traffic we call it a?
VMT? Vehicle...
When you have many transportation options to travel to your destination?
Program to reduce traffic fatalities?