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U4 AoS1 People & Constitution

Chapter III of the Constitution
An area of concurrent power that both state and Federal parliaments can legislate
Parliamentary system using two chambers(houses) acting as a restrain on the lawmaking powers of each.
Section 128 acts as a restrain on Cth parliament by requiring this in order to change the words of the Constitution.
An additional right that the High Court decides is integral to the operation of the Constitution.
Lower house in Victoria's parliament
Section 116 acts as a restraint on Cth parliament by guaranteeing this right
Where the government doesn't have a majority in the senate. Restraint on lower house.
Where the government has a majority in the senate
Section 80 acts as a restraint on Cth parliament by guaranteeing this for Cth offences
Upper house of Federal Parliament
Lawmaking powers exercised only by the Federal government. Acts as a restraint on state lawmaking power.
5 rights written into the Constitution, that act as a restraint on parliament
S109 case involving Victorian IVF doctor
Structure of checks (restraints) & balances, established by Chapters I, II & III of the Constitution.
Exclusive, concurrent and residual are examples of this restraint on both Federal and state lawmaking powers
Lawmaking power only exercisable by the states, that acts as a restrain on Commonwealth parliament
Queen's representative in Victoria.