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Cell Organelles Project

Teacher: Mrs. Bround
A large fluid-filled space within the cell used to store nutrients.
Surrounds the cell and is made of lipids and proteins.
An organelle that contains chlorophyll.
Thick, rigid membrane made of a complex molecule called cellulose.
A large rough or smooth membranous organelle where ribosomes bind and translate RNA into proteins.
A stack of membrane-bound disks which aid in the modification, packaging, and secretion of proteins.
Are whip-like tails that allow bacteria to move quickly through liquid surroundings.
A double membrane-bound organelle that is responsible for metabolizing sugar molecules.
Contains the majority of the cell's genetic material in the form of multiple linear DNA molecules.
An organelle found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells.
A network of fibers composed of proteins contained within a cell's cytoplasm.
Act as the digestive system inside a cell.
The small structures on the surface of the endoplasmic reticulum.