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Geography Unit 1 Crossword

One of the well known satellites
Portion of Earth where plants and animals live
Runs parallel with the equqator
A giant wave in the ocean
The exact coordinates of where something is located
Divides the East and West hemispheres
When a rock is changed into a new substance as a result of interaction between elements in the air or water and minerals in the rock
Layer of gas that surrounds the earth
Covers about 71% of the Earths surface
Where the earthquake is located
Solid rock portion of the Earths surface
Super continent that broke apart over millions of years ago
Made up of water elements
Runs parallel with the Prime Meridian
Fan like shape at the end of most major rivers
Divides the North and South hemispheres
Close to the location but not the exact location
A zone around the rim of the Pacific Ocean where the vast majority of active volcanos are located
The study of the distribution and interaction of physical and human features on the Earth
Hold about 95% of the Earths fresh water supply