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Grammar Unit 1

Teacher: Miss Cassidy
Is exaggerating figures of speech
This type of sentence contains 1 independent clause
This type of clause is not a complete thought, and can not stand on its own.
This type of sentence contains both independent and subordinate clauses
This type of clause is a complete thought and can stand on its own
A non-essential word - Ouch!
It is usually a small word which shows the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence.
Tells something about the subject usually what the subject is doing
A person, place, or thing
An action word
that one thing "is" something else It does not use like or as in it.
a verb form the beginning with “ to “
To own, or belong to
Is when one image or object has another meaning to it
An expression that means something other than the literal meaning of its individual words.
A word that describes or modifies a verb.
"I join together"
Is the imitation of natural sounds in word form. These words help us visualize
Is a group of words which express a complete thought.
A single word, or group of words which tells what ( or whom ) the sentence is about
This type of sentence contains 2 or more independent clauses
Replaces a noun