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Intro to Sociology

The obvious + intended consequences of something in society are _______ functions
Sociology is a social ______
The systematic study of human behavior in groups
Study of creation + distribution of power (2 words)
Early sociologist who studied immigrants + founded Hull House
Theory that people behave according to their shared understanding of symbols (2 words)
Social science that focuses on the physical environment
Applying sociology to improve society (2 words)
Theorist who believed that capitalism would lead to revolution
Theorist who coined the term "survival of the fittest"
Study of human cultures focusing on pre-industrial societies
Theory based on the belief in persistent struggle between property owners + workers
Theory stating that societies are a whole made up of interrelated parts each with its own function (2 words)
Early theorist who did a classic study of suicide
The study of mental processes + individual human behavior
The unintended unrecognized consequences of something in society are the _____ functions
Study of past events in society
The study of the production + distribution of goods + services
Early sociologist who also considered human feelings attitudes and values