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Weather Scavenger Hunt

Most likely to form in the morning or evening when the sun is low in the sky
The amount of water (moisture) in the air
Lighting is attracted to ____________
The hottest temperature ever recorded ( in degrees Fahrenheit)
A cloud that is near the ground
The sunniest city on Earth
The driest state in the United States
Before 1979 all hurricanes had ____________ names.
A tornado over water
Winds in a category ___________ hurricane are over 155 miles per hour.
Over 50,000 degrees
The name of the instrument used to measure wind speed
Crickets chirp ___________ when the weather is warm.
A person trained to predict the weather
The coldest temperature ever recorded (in degrees Celsius)
What are fluffy, cotton-like clouds called?
The average lifespan of a tornado
The safest place to be during a tornado