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Luke Chapter 10 Part I verses 1-23

The seventy were to expect hostility. They were sent as __ __ __. (v3) (3 words)
The seventy were only a fraction of laborers needed to reap the spiritual __ in each city (v2)
Greeting given by seventy to each house where they planned to board (v6) (5 words)
Jesus thanked the Father for hiding wisdom from those thinking themselves wise, but revealing it to spiritual __ (v21)
This great city would be cast into hell (v15)
When a city refused to accept the message brought by the seventy, they were to wipe this from their clothes and shoes as testimony against that city (v11)
Jesus sent the seventy in pairs to every __ __ __ where He planned to visit. (v1) (3 words)
If ancient cities of Tyre and Sidon had seen works of the seventy, they would have repented in __ __ __ (v13) (3 words)
At the judgement it will be more tolerable for this city than for those rejecting message of the seventy (v12)
Jesus told the seventy He witnessed Satan being cast from Heaven like ___ (v18)
Jesus told the disciples that __ are their eyes in seeing all they had seen (v23)
Whoever despised the seventy and Jesus Christ also despised ___ (v16)
Through the power of Jesus' name, these were subject to the seventy (v17)
The message of the seventy was "The kingdom of God has arrived". What sign did they give to authenticate that message )v9) (3 words)
Jesus told the seventy that power over demons was not as joyful as having this done with their names (v20) (3 words)
Jesus stated thata all things were revealed to Him by the __ (v22)