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Social Studies Unit 1 Geography of NY

moving of goods, people, and animals
a river, canal or other body of water serving as a route for ships
the four principal compass points such as north, south, east, and west
a smaller division of a city such as New York City which has five boroughs: Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island
a representation of the features of an area
any resource that can or will be replenished over time such as wind, wood, or sun
directions between the cardinal directions such as northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest
land that is level or equal to the surface of the water
how high something is as compared to sea level
The study of the earth’s surface including climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, population, and land uses
Surrounding conditions and influences that shape a population
normal weather conditions or weather pattern in an area
state of the atmosphere such as temperature, wind, precipitation
any resource that cannot be replenished and will run out such as oil
distance north or south of the equator
a large or important town, usually run by a mayor
natural wealth of an area such as land, forests, minerals, water, etc.
design used on maps to indicate the points of a compass
a line that separates one country or state from another
distance east or west from the prime meridian
number of people living in a particular area
a major physical feature such as mountains, plains, plateaus, hills, and valleys