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cell crossword puzzle

Puzzle Type: Educational
Mrs. Tyler: Bahar Arian
Controls movement of materials in/out of the cell.
Transports things from the ER to the golgi body.
Breaks down larger food molecules into smaller ones.
They make and synthesize proteins.
The microtubule organizing center.
Protects the cell. Acts like the skin of the cell. Adds support and protection.
The bubble wrap for the packaging for cells.
Transports goods materials and proteins throughout the cell. The highway of the cell.
Separates chromosome pairs during mitosis
The jelly-like substance that protects cell organelles
Holds materials and waste.
Breaks down sugar to release energy. The powerhouse or battery of the cell.
Uses energy from the sun during photosynthesis. the "chef"
They move around parts of a cell "the conveyor belt"
Controls all cell activity. The brain of the cell.