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Life Science--Chapter 2A & 2B




                         Mr. Ortega
He said all animals are made of cells.
The main energy-storage molecule in plants.
Compounds that have carbon in them and and come from living or once living organisms.
Describes an organism that is made of many cells.
The carbohydrate that makes up the cell walls of plant cells.
He said all plants are made of cells.
It consists of a sugar, phosphate, base.
The smaller particles that make up a compound.
The material and the liquid inside a cell.
Living things always do this 'after their own kind.'
A complete living thing.
They are a type of protein that speed up reactions.
ONLY the liquid inside a cell.
Its 'building blocks' are nucleotides.
He called them "cells."
The smallest unit of an organism considered to be alive.
Its 'building blocks' are only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Its 'building blocks' are amino acids.
The most important molecule cells use to make energy.
Describes an organsim that is made of only one cell.
The smallest living unit considered to be alilve.
A description or set of conditions that must be met to define being alive.
The type of motion all organisms display: 'internal (blank)'
The ability to do work.
Another name for fats we find in cell membranes.
Another name for 'lipid'.