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Georgia Colonization

Teacher: E. Riehm
Immigrants to Georgia from Scotland who were good soldiers
Georgia's second royal governor
Battle in which Georgia colonists defeated the Spanish on St. Simon's island
Georgia Colonists who were unhappy with Oglethorpe's rules of no alcohol and no slavery
First settlement of the Salzburgers
Economic system that favored the English over the colonies
One who holds responsibility on behalf of others
This town was settled by the Highland Scots
Second settlement of the Salzburgers
Georgia's third royal govenor
Chief of the Yamacraw Native Americans
Georgia's first royal governor
Document granted in 1732 from King George to James Oglethorpe
Founder and "Father" of Georgia
She was the bilingual translator between James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Spanish mission founded on St. Catherine's island
Immigrants to the Georgia colony who came for religious freedom
First city in Georgia. Designed in squares