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Luke Chapter 12 Part I verses 1-34

Jesus warned that men should fear Him who after killing body has power to __ __ __ (v5) (3 words)
If God cares for sparrows and is even mindful of the hairs on our heads, man should __ __ over everyday, trivial matters (v7) (2 words)
The wealthy man paid an eternal price because he stored __ for himself and was not __ toward God. (v21) (clue: 2 words not consecutive and found near middle and end of verse)
Defined as open and willful hostility against God by hardened hearts (v10) (2 words)
While God does not want us to be idle, He cares for us and knows that we have __ (v30)
Jesus again spoke of life priorities in saying, "Life is more than __ and the body more than __" (v23) (2 words)
Jesus warned that the leaven/teaching influence of Pharisees was filled with __ (v1)
Jesus declared that at sinners' judgement all ever said or done will be __ (v2)
Man's choice for eternity will be recognized by Jesus Christ. Before angels of God, He will claim those who __ Him and reject those who __ Him. (v8-9) (2 words)
Jesus warned to beware of __. The desire of man's life should not be on accumulating stuff. (v15
Instead of worrying greatly about earthly matters, Jesus Christ tells us to give attention to the __ __ __(v31) (3 words)
Jesus expressed God's love for His children in describing His compassion and care for even these lowly birds. (v24)
Jesus summarized instruction about life priorities by saying, "Where your treasure is., there will your __ __ __" (v34) (3 words)
God's people are told to fear not for His pleasure is to give us the __ (v32)