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Portland Streets That Will Make You Hungry For More.

Have fun learning about transportation lingo in this week on our Sunday Parkways quiz! 

Nopales tacos, also a street in SW.
State fish of Oregon and a street that runs from SW to SE Portland. Also a Neighborhood Greenway.
Acorns come from this tree.
Does not grow in Oregon, sometimes found in your Christmas stocking.
Fragrant herb often used as a flavoring for shortbread.
Even in Oregon we can make syrup from the sap of this tree.
Popular flavoring for chicken wings.
Indigenous tribe of the Oregon coast, also the name of a county, bay, and cheese. Also the name of a street in NE Portland that runs south of Grant Park.
A sure sign that spring is on the way, also delicious fruit to follow.
A large planting of fruit trees is called an...
________'s roasting on an open fire.
Good to use these wood chips for smoking meats.
One of two types of growth patterns for beans. A Neighborhood Greenway street that runs from 100th to 148th.
Oregon's most famous berry.
This is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.
Like most potatoes, this cultivar has roots from Peru. This one was developed in Canada and pays homage to a river and a get-rich-quick craze.
Stone fruit you make prunes from.
This company introduced iodized salt as a preventive measure for goiters.
Kiss the...
A popular dish from India, flavored with a combination of herbs and spices.
Type of flat fish great for tacos and a street in NW.
Type of sweet cracker used to make S'mores. And the name of a street NOPO.
Andy Warhol made this soup company iconic.
One variety of this berry is invasive, but oh so delicious.
The name of a neighborhood Greenway and a type of grape, excellent for making jam and juice. Did you know grapes explode in the microwave? Even this kind! This fun fact brought to you by Kaiser Permanente.
This was once a popular local donut franchise in Portland.
Most widely grown potato in North America.
Nut used in pesto.
Creators of Corn Flakes.