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Post-War Society in the 1950's

Truman’s main goal with the Fair Deal was to continue some __________ traditions and advocate for civil rights movements and parties, which he succeeded in both
With the signing of the U.S.-Japanese Security Treaties, Japanese leaders and society mostly feared ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-_________, as did the American people, so U.S. troops were sent to defend Japan
This lowered rates of homelessness in veterans that were previously highly common and tragic
The _____________________ was not as strong as when Truman had presented it to Congress, as they denied many of the favors he asked
The first commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was
The Hiss Case was an ________ Case, where fear of a Communist conspiracy led people to seek out spies.
The ________ was attempting to block itself from the west and its influence.
The Taft-Hartley Act repealed some provisions stated in the ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________ Act and it continue to hurt workers to this day
The competition for the best weaponry between the Soviet Union and the United States was known as the __________.
The McCarran Internal Security Act required associations that the government deemed ________ to register themselves, including their finances, memberships, and activities.
McCarthyism was essentially a ________ for communist hidden in American government.
George Marshall created a plan that would revive European economies and _________ their government
WWII was seen as a women's war not just because of the female takeover in the workplace, but also the heavily increased ¬¬¬___________ that came about due to the war, which later became labelled as the Baby Boom
Who was the first president to use their executive power to challenge racial discrimination?
The Cold War had just become drawn above the 38th parallel, which led to the signing of the Armistice at _________
During the White Flight, many fled from areas such as ___________, which hosted a variety of immigrated ethnicities
Suburban life in the sunbelt was seen commonly as a ____________ in the fifties and sixties as men returned home from war
Rock and Roll was a new popular genre of music in the 50’s, but it received endless ridicule, where it gained the nickname,
The National _____ Act was responsible for the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?
Who accused 205 people in the State Department of being communist, which became widely publicized all throughout America?
Before the World War 2, ________ were more popular and widespread than televisions.
With the passage of the 22nd amendment, Congress was composed of mostly __________ representatives who opposed Roosevelt’s practice, as they did not believe a man could successfully run a country for sixteen years
. Forty- four governmental units attend the Bretton Woods Conference to discuss how the world would move on and punish ______ after the war ended.
The students’ effort to enroll was supported by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in _______ v. Board of Education (1954).