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Communications Chapter 4

Student: Hannah Aley
Thinking like a person to see the world as they see it
Gives advice at the first mention of a problem or decision
Language used to subvert instead of clarify truth and accuracy
Terms that make the negative and unpleasant seem positive and appealing
Seems responsive but the responses never vary
Terms whose meanings are slippery and difficult to pin down
The listener that evaluates everything you say, often negatively
Overly complex language that overwhelms the listener instead of communicating meaning
The specialized language of a professional class
"I see", "uh-huh", "yes". words to let the speaker know you are listening
A listener that reacts to just about everything with extreme responses
Listens a little then finishes the speakers thought
A process of sending back to the speaker what you as a listener think the speaker meant
The listener that just wants the speaker to keep talking
The listener that listens to other things at the same time
The listener that gives no feedback
The tendency to integrate and interpret what you hear or what you think you hear to conform to your own biases
Looks around the room at others but never at you
The process of receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding to verbal and/or nonverbal messages
The listener that listens for a cue to take over the speaking turn