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DIA Collection Crossword 5

This week's crossword is paired with the following artwork from the DIA's collection:
Hail me! The checker version of this NYC staple.
There’s a ship, propelled by these.
Remember T9? It was useful for typing when this part of a cellphone was made of buttons.
This tool could tell you how wide the artwork is.
The Chinese name of this black and white symbol of harmony.
2 down has twin with two different colors. Enter them alphabetically.
This tool makes a “clear” cut.
Circles in orange, purple, green, pink, and ____.
This artwork is made up of 225 individual _______.
Named for a celestial body, this traditional Korean ceramic vessel repeats more than any other image.
Lady liberty appears this many times.
The instrument spanning three squares belongs to what family?
No time for a picnic, these plushy animals are on the clock.
Org. represented here by an airplane.
This tree named for the front of your hand.
These fruits appear in a bunch, twice.