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Animal and Plant Cells

The part of the cell where the food is produced.
The plant cell's storage center storing and releasing water.
The cell's power plant supplying energy for the cell.
An organism made up of more than one cell.
The basic parts of the cell that have functions that keep the cell alive
The cell's control center that has a master plan for all the cell's activities.
One cell that carries out all its life processes
A gel-like substance that fills the area within the cell membrane around the organelles.
All organisms are made up of ______.
An unicellular organism
A stiff structure outside of a plant cell membrane giving the cell strength and support.
A layer around the outside of a cell giving the cell shape and controlling the flow of materials in and out.
The cell's storage center storing food, water and wastes in an animal cell.
A living thing
A chemical found in the green chloroplast that is able to use the energy in sunlight.
The smallest unit of living things that carry out the basic process of life.