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How a Bill Becomes a Law, Our Legislative Process

Once a bill has reported back to the chamber where it originated, it is placed in ____ order on the calendar.
When agreement is reached, a _______ is prepared describing the recommended changes of the bill which both the House and Senate must approve.
If the subcommittee opts not to report legislation to the full committee, the bill ___.
The ____ branch interprets the laws.
If the President approves the bill, it will become a ____.
If unable to reach a ____ between both the House and the Senate, the bill dies.
When the full committee votes on its recommendation to the House or Senate.
The process of making changes and amendments to a bill prior to recommending it to the full committee.
If the President opposes the bill, he can ___ it.
The US Government consists of three branches. The ____ branch makes the laws.
In the first step of a bill becoming a law the bill is referred to this type of committee in the House or Senate.
Bills are often referred to a subcommittee for _______.
When the bill reaches the floor of the House or Senate, rules are used to determine the conditions and amount of time allocated for the _____.
A bill that meets approval by both House and Senate. Congress can also attempt to override a Presidential veto with this bill, however it requires a two-thirds vote.
Once the subcommittee’s report on the bill has been received, the full committee has the option to conduct further study and hearings or it can ___ on the subcommittee’s recommendations and any proposed amendments.
This occurs when the President takes no action within 10 days after Congress has adjourned it’s second session and the legislation dies.
A _____ is formed to reconcile differences when the other chamber wants to significantly alter a bill.
A bill originates on a ____ level and is referred to a committee where it begins its journey through the legislative system to potentially becoming a law.
A document describing the intent and scope of the legislation, impact on existing laws and programs, position of the executive branch, and views of dissenting members of the committee.
Once approved by both the House and Senate, the bill goes to the ____ for approval.
After the debate and the approval of any amendments, the bill is either _______.
If a committee does not act on the bill it is equivalent to ______ it.
The ____ branch carries out the laws
When a bill reaches a committee, it is placed on their _____, examined carefully, and chances for passage are determined.
Four types of legislation include bills, joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions, and simple resolutions. A ____ is manner in which lawmakers introduce their proposals into the House or Senate.
When a bill reaches a committee, it is placed on their _____, examined carefully, and chances for passage are determined.
When a bill is passed by the ______, it is referred to the Senate where it usually follows the same route through committee and floor action. The Senate then has the ability to approve the bill, reject it, ignore it, or change it.
If the President does not take any action on the bill while Congress is in session, within _____ days it will automatically become a law.