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Human Geography

Teacher: Mrs. OKay
Economic system where the government makes all of the decisions
Industrialized nation, holds 90% of the world's patents
Forced removal of an group from an area
Mass murder of a people based on religion
Population of the Earth
Three types of resources
Oil is an example of this type of resource?
Means to leave one's country to live in another
Type of industry that deals with natural resources
Type of economy that contains traditional, command and market
Trees are an example of what type of resource?
Diversity of cultures is a___ effect of urbanization.
Poverty is an example of ___effect of urbanization
Two types of government
Organization that monitors trade
Drives people out of an area
Attracts people to an area
Economic principle by which a country makes all natural resources available
Most common form of migration
Industry that deals with information
Language, religions, government are elements of ___.
Largest megalopolis in the Americas
A cause of conflict
Least urbanized area in the world
Water is an example of a ___.