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American History

A period characterized by growing knowledge and innovations in technology
Means "ancient ones"
A german mapmaker labeled the new land "America" in his honor
A plant that farmers grow to make money
The largest settlement of the Mississippian people
Rule by gods; government where the priests are in charge
Spain and Portugal split the land in this agreement.
A new kind of Spanish explorer and conqueror
Founded a trading post in Quebec
Aztec capitol
A kind of clay still used for building in the southwest
derives its name from the lucrative trade carried out along its length
Captured Montezuma
Society that flourished around 1200 bce on the coast of Mesoamerica
Italian explorer who traveled to the new world. He enslaved and cruelly treated the native people.
refers to the exchange of diseases, ideas, food. crops, and populations between the New World and the Old World
Small sailing ships
Person appointed by the king or queen to rule an area on his or her behalf
Regers to five separate nations in what's now upstate New York.
Native to an area
Island bought for $24 dollars