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Geography Vocab

a unit of latitude or longitude equal to 1/360th of the globe
a ruler used to measure actual ground distances by converting distances on a map
explanatory description on a map or chart also describing what symbols mean
the line of longitude that passes through Greenwich, England and is designated as 0 longitude and from which longitude east and west are measured
instruction placed around the outer edge of a map
a region or tract of land
an angular difference between true north and magnetic north
– imaginary circle on the earth’s surface passing through the north and south poles. A line of parallel of longitude
a map that shows relief and position and natural and man-made features
lines that do not intersect
competitive form of land navigation in which each participant uses a map and compass to navigate between several check points
the shape of land formations on the earth’s surface on a map
lines that run form the north pole to the south pole and are equal in length on a map or globe
– angular distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees along a meridian as on a map or globe.
to align or position oneself and a map to one’s surroundings