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6th Grade - Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
Factors that can be changed in an experiment
Method of making an educated guess at a measurement; using the size of something familiar to guess the size of a new object
Amount of matter in an object, which is measured in kilograms
International System of Units; related by multiples of ten
An explanation of an observation
A type of graph used to show the relationship between two variables that are numbers on an x-axis and a y-axis
SI unit for length
Describes how closely measurements are to each other and how carefully measurements were made
A ratio of two different kinds of measurements, the amount of change of one measurement in a given amount of time
A measurement of force that depends on gravity; measured in newtons
Way to describe objects and events with numbers
A typr of graph that uses bars of varying sizes to show the relationship among variables
Used to collect, organize, and summarize data in a visual way; making it easier to understand
A type of graph that shows the parts of a whole, each piece of which represents a percentage of the total
SI unit for mass
The amount of space an object occupies measured in cubic meters
SI unit for temperature
Presents information in rows and columns, making it easier to read and understand
Compares a measurement to the true value
A representation of an object or event used as a tool for understanding the natural world