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Essentials of Business Law 1-8

Brian Kron: Brandy Arias
Process by which an administrative agency promulgates rules of law
The law that involves offenses against the entire community
The person against whom a legal action is brought
A general legal principle
Highly offensive publicity placing another in a false light
Purposeful, knowing, or reckless
Formal decision by the jury on questions submitted to it
Study of what is right or good for human beings
Authority of a court to hear and decide a case
Any property other than an interest in land
Intentional infliction of harmful or offensive bodily contact
An agreement between or among independent nations
The law involving relationships among individuals and legal entities
Are different but overlapping: law provides sanctions while morals do not
Oral defamation
Decision of a court
An equitable remedy invalidating a contract
Land and anything attached to it
Expression related to the economic interest of the speaker and his audience
Determines whether the trial court committed prejudicial error
Gross deviation from reasonable conduct
The law dealing with the rights and duties of individuals among themselves
Rules for enforcing substantive law
The basic law creating rights and duties
Have general jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases
Immunity from tort liability
The law dealing with the relationship between government and individuals
A serious crime
A final disposition made by an agency
To begin a lawsuit in a court