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Social Psychology

In the Documentary "Three Identical Strangers", in the beginning the Triplets were More Focused on Their....
Literary Theft
"Faking It Until You Make it"
The Motive to Look for Confirmation About Our Belief in Ourselves is Called.
What We Know and Believe About Ourselves
Questioning/Asks Why
Show Me the ....
The Number 1 Ethical Consideration
Name of Psychiatrist Who Led the Study in "Three Identical Strangers'
Whether a measure actually measures what it said it would
Belief that People are Paying More Attention to Our Appearance and Behavior than They Really are...
Psychology is a...
Proof is Related to....
The Type of Social Comparison that you evaluate yourself to others
What We Know and Believe about Ourselves
Measure That Gives Consistent Results
A Group of People Who Share the Similar Beliefs, Communication, Rituals
Data Supports...
How We Would Like to Be is Called...
By Nature, Humans are...
Keep It Simple