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Katelyn's Science crossword

Science Crossword Puzzle: Katelyn Magnus
Not formed from living things.
Formed by living things.
A fossil consisting of a thin coating of carbon rock
A factor that can change in an experiment.
The amount of mass in a given volume.
When many types of living things become extinct at the same time.
The change/break in a radioactive element
Fossils of widely distributed organisms that once lived.
The direct transfer of thermal energy from substance to substance.
A scientist that studies the forces that shape the Earth.
Term t describe metamorphic rocks.
A light-colored igneous rock.
Transfer of thermal energy by movement of fluid.
A dark and dense igneous rock with a fine texture.
A fossil that provides evidence of past activities.
Height above sea level.
A fossil which minerals replace all or part of an organism.
The process of making an inference based on observations.
A scientist that studies the universe beyond Earth.
When igneous rock layer formed when magma hardens beneath earth's surface.