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Psychology Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Tentative explanation of a phenomenon based on observation.
A measure of the relationship between two variables.
Variable in an experiment that is manipulated by the experimenter.
The degree to which a test actually measures what it is supposed to measure.
System of gathering data so that bias and error in measurement are reduced.
The "third force" in psychology.
Perspective that focuses on memory, intelligence, perception, problem solving and learning.
Perspective that focuses on the biological bases of universal mental characteristics that all humans share.
The middle score in an ordered distribution of scores.
The square root of the average squared deviations from the mean of scores in a distribution; a measure of variability.
Branch of mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of numerical data.
Randomly selected sample of subjects from a larger population of subjects.
The arithmetic average of a distribution of numbers.
Associated with William James.
The most frequent score in a distribution of scores.
The tendency of a test to produce the same scores again and again each time it is given to the same people.
Scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
Study of one individual in great detail.
Focuses on observable behavior only.
The deliberate manipulation of a variable to see if corresponding changes in behavior result.