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Water and Soil Conservation

Any material that supplies nutrients for plants.
Occurs when layers of soil are removed from the land.
Decomposed organic matter forms a gel-like substance that holds soil particles in absorbent granules.
To remove all foreign material
A substance that dissolves or otherwise changes most other materials.
Following the level of the land around a hill.
Using techniques of soil preparation, planting, and cultivation that disturb the soil the least, leaving the maximum amount of plant residue on the surface.
The process of wearing away of soil
The addition of water to the land to supplement the water provided for crop production by rain or snow.
A close-growing crop planted to temporarily protect the soil surface.
Water that can be taken up by plant roots
Planting crops without plowing or disking the soil.
A material that reduces the acid content of soil
A soil or wall structure built across the slope to capture water and move it safely to areas where it is not likely to cause erosion.
A strip of grass growing in an area of field where flowing water tends to erode the soil surface.
When water fills all the spaces or pores in the soil.
This results when too much of a plant is eaten, reducing its ability to recover after grazing.
The water that drains out of soil after it has been wetted
Severe soil loss that leaves trenches in the land surface.
A plan developed by soil and water conservation specialists to use land for its maximum production and water conservation without unacceptable damage to the land.
Moisture from rain and snow
The plant material that remains when a plant dies or is harvested.
A body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater
Changing from a liquid to a vapor or gas
Drinkable water; free from harmful microorganisms or chemicals.
A large land area in which water from rain or melting snows absorbed and from which water drains as it emerges from springs and moves into the streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes.
Areas with continuous sever water shortages
Material placed on the soil surface to break the fall of raindrops, prevent weeds from growing, and/or improve the appearance of the area.