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Geography Terms

A long chain of islands.
A portion of the earth's crust that floats.
The average temperature of an area.
A piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides.
An animal indigenous to an area.
Materials or substances that occur naturally on earth and used for economic gain,
A line that runs horizontally, parallel to the equator.
Native to an area
A meridian that runs vertical.
A tool used to display the meanings of symbols on a map.
A theory of earth as a super continent.
The largest bodies of water on earth.
The study of the contents that the earth is made of.
The science of drawing maps.
0 degrees longitude.
O degrees latitude.
A line of longitude.
A piece of land surrounded by water.
A movement of the earth's tectonic plate.
A tool use to show directions on a map.
The study of the earth's physical features, it's climate, it's resources and human activity.
A tool used to calculate distance on a map.
The largest land masses on earth.
An opening in the earth's crust where gas and molten lava exits.
A storm with violent winds and rain. An arawak term.
A plant indigenous to an area.