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Science: Planetary Systems

A pulling force between two objects that draws them toward each other.
Each shape you see of the Moon has been named, and each one is called a _______.
After the sun has set, you can sometimes see the stars in the __________.
When the moon completes one orbit around the Earth every 28 days, it is called the __________.
A satellite that orbits around the Earth from 385,000km above.
Pluto is a ______ planet.
A __________ is a group of stars in a pattern.
Each day after the full Moon, the bright part of the Moon gets smaller. This is called _______.
When the moon is only lit on the left side, it is called the ________ Moon.
These are the four small and rocky planets closes to the sun.
The sun is a fairly average ______.
What kind of planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune?
Beyond the orbit of Mars are millions of chunks of rock and iron called __________.
When the whole lit side of the Moon is visible from Earth is is called the _____ Moon.
Beyond the gas giant planets is a huge region of icy chunks of matter called the ________.
A big chunk of ice, rock and gas, kind of like a dirty snowball in space.
The curved shape of a sliver of the moon is called the _______ Moon.
The sun is the star at the center of the _____________.
When the moon is only lit on the right side, it is called the ________ Moon.
We saw the moon is ______ when it appears to be growing.
The Earth is a terrestrial ________.
A Moon phase that is larger than a quarter but not yet full is called a _________ Moon.
This is what it's called when the moon has no light visible from Earth.
Asteroids orbit around the Sun in a region called the asteroid ______.