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communications chapter 5

Student: Hannah Aley
Acknowledging the other person's presence and actions
A blunt statement, usually less polite than indirect messages
The emotional meaning that specific speaker-listeners give to a word
Prejudice against other age groups
Highly positive words
The failure to distinguish between similar but different people
Automatically assuming what is being said is true
Highly negative, sexist, racist, and heterosexist words
Messages that allow you to express a desire without insulting anyone
Sending messages with the intention of giving another person information you believe to be false
A communication pattern in which we ignore someone's presence as well as what they say
Automatically assuming what is being said is false
Identifying each individual as being an individual
Unwillingness to accept something the other person says or does
The tendency to look at the world in opposites
Messages in which the author is not identified
Messages signed by the author
A type of miscommunication that occurs when the sender's and receiver's messages are not the same
The meaning you find in a dictionary
Prejudicial attitudes about men and women based on rigid beliefs about gender roles