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Vocab Puzzle

ms. bowen: Averie McCurry
When a character is humorous because he exaggerates.
A sign that something will happen later on in the story.
A character that challenges the protagonist.
The narrator can only read one mind.
When people from different places talk in different ways.
When the story is told by one character.
In the story about the boy who has a crush, he is too shy to talk to her.
Mike remained the same throughout the story, "Waiting for the War".
Giving human qualities to animals or things.
In the story, "Waiting for the War", the boys can't settle down the horse.
The narrator can read everyone's mind.
In the story "Waiting for the War", Sam grew from his experiences.
The most important character in the story.
In the story, "War of the Wall", one could think that the lady was painting for her own good but it was for others.
In the story "Waiting for the War", we can guess that Mike will be coming over often from the info we have.
An event in the story resulting from a prior event.
The use of a symbol in a story.