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AP Computer Science Unit 1

AP Comuter Science  Edhesive Unit 1 Vocabulary 
Uncertainty or being open to more than one interpretation
Programs written in high level languages
User interaction with a program via clicking, mouse movement, or keyboard entry
The process of source code being translated into machine code
A command statement with a verb phrase that indicates an operation to perform
To identify and remove errors from a computer program
The background of a project in Scratch which can have scripts, backdrops, sound, etc.
Process of imagining something that does not yet exist, but that has potential value
An object in Scratch that performs functions through scripting
When blocks of code are executed at a given time by communicating a message
Uses "if...then" to tell a computer how to select a step or to tell the sequence that it should be executed
Repetition-one complete step of a loop, repeated until a certain condition is met.
Binary digit a 0 or 1
The process of removing or suppressing details to create a manageable level of complexity
Executes statements one at a time-in order, one after another
Machine code that is direct, low-level translation from the high-level source code, and is a pattern of 0s and 1s.
A variable for a particular value or attribute
The program code and current activity that is being executed in a computer program
A finite set of instructions that accomplish a specific task
A description of what the computer is doing or the values of variables at any given moment.